Sony's 4k Movie Service will work on PS4, but with so many problems

Discussion in 'Personal Computer & Technology' started by ShinraCorp, Mar 1, 2013.

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    Say you like the PS4? Do you also like 4k TVs? Well perhaps I can offer you a bit of news related to those two.

    Sony Electronic President and COO Phil Molyneux (possibly not related to Peter Molyneux) . Said that the PS4 will have the capabilities to run 4k movies and photos however it cannot run 4k games, which makes sense since even the strongest graphics card for PCs can't handle 4k themselves. (Well they can but at like 20 FPS).

    Of course this sounds all good, but let's not forget... 4k TVs cost 18 000$ minimum these days. Now let's say you have a 4k TV and a PS4, how much data are you going to download per movie? How does 100 GB and more sound? Yeap 4K movies will have 100 GB filesize or higher, so if you have a data cap, fat chance, even if you have unlimited downloads the time it'll take to download a movie will take hours. I said downloads, their service does not stream 4k movies (can you imagine the size of the bandwidth needed?)

    How much will it cost to buy or rent a 4k movie? Sadly he didn't say, but here's hoping it's about the same price as a Blu-Ray. Speaking of Blu-Ray, Phil did mention that they're creating prototype physical media to contain 4k movies, however they need to be standardize by discussing with other companies before they can actually start manufacturing what would probably be the next step in Physical Media... the Purple-Ray :p

    So ya, basically this service is for the richest and the most patient of people... here's hoping in 5 years that at least 4k TVs will be cheaper.
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    I certainly didn't read a bit of this... what really caught my eye was your prof pic... since joining trishroom this is my first time seeing you changed your prof pic and your prof pic is Raiden! I was about to change mine but you got ahead of me ahahahaha! XD

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